Trying My Hand At Writing Fiction

Okay, here goes. I’ve always wanted to write fiction. You know, letting my imagination do the directing and my fingers doing the physical work. But, eventually,  I would lose interest and give up. I was lacking the energy and/or self confidence to finish the story.

Remember, the saying of “Dream it, Believe it, Do it.” Well, finally, I put that to work for me and have actually motored my way down the highway of story-telling and completed a short short fiction story…some call it flash fiction. It’s not a novel, nor a novella, but hey, it’s mine and it’s self-published in ebook form and is now available for reading on Amazon.

And, you know what? Writing that little fiction book has revived the self-confidence that was lying dormant within me…like a deep sleep. But, it’s awake now and I needed it because there was a lot of editing that went into the book before publishing…which was the hardest part of the whole event.

Afterwards, when the misspelled words were corrected, misplaced words were put into their corrected positions, punctuation corrected, and all the other possible things that could have made the story a disaster…I felt proud.

The name is “Armed and Dangerous Love” and can be found on Amazon in the ebook section.  It’s a story about this guy (I wrote it in first person, so it’s me telling the story) who lives alone…once married, now divorced. He works at the local radio station and every morning before going to work, he stops by a coffee shop for coffee and a donut to get his day started. This is where he meets this girl and he kind of falls in love with her…love at first sight. Well, there is a surprise ending. You will have to read it for yourself. I plan to make it a series book…maybe a couple more stories  that will be linked to it.

So, there  you go…don’t forget to look for “Armed and Dangerous Love”, author James Thomas Smith, in Amazon’s ebook section.


P.S. There was a snag in the link for the book. It has been corrected but not shown now until the story is reviewed and officially published again.


About James Thomas Smith

West Virginia has been my home except for a couple of years living in California and Nevada. Family, camping, hiking, photography, treasure hunting, and writing are the things I like to do the most. The things I love and value more than anything is family. Member of Professional Writer's Alliance
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