The Season is Changing and the Cat wants in.

colored leaf

Lo and behold! I wake up one morning, throw back the covers on my warm cozy bed, I roll over throwing my legs over the edge of the bed, count one, two, three and up I stand,  knees cracking.  I check my clock on the nightstand and it’s 7:00 am. Shuffling my feet across the carpeted floor I reach the window. Parting the curtains with a trembling hand I peer out through the window that hasn’t been cleaned for ages. The sun is already up and shining. It beat me once again. Nowadays, it’s not as easy for me to rise and shine.  I hear myself say, “My goodness, where has the time gone.”

In the yard stands a once majestic maple tree. Over the years on the hill it has weathered some nasty storms. Wind, snow, ice storms, even lightning strikes. It stands there proud even though some of it’s limbs have been torn away. I can tell the fall season is sneaking upon me. The landscape, with all the trees and shrubbery, is losing it’s green hue. The sun appears to be brighter and the shadows longer. In it’s own transformation the season will change without any regards as to how I feel about it.

My beautiful maple tree, which has lived with me for 37 years, will outlast me for sure. Hopefully, it will still be standing there for another 37 years…and another 37 years after that. As I look out the window my breath fogs the window pane. I wipe the glass with my hand. The leaves are fluttering gently from the chilly morning breeze and then I see one little leaf that is different from all the other leaves on the tree. I can see it clearly. It has become impatient…it cannot wait…it no longer is green. It has become orange.

Suddenly, a gust of wind comes roaring up and over the hill shaking the trees all around my house. The leaves hang on except for the little orange leaf. From the top of the maple tree it lets go and slowly floats down through the other leaves and limbs until it  finally touches the ground. I feel sad for the little leaf. But, then I know that another leaf will take it’s place when the season changes in the spring and all things become green again.

It seems like only a few minutes ago when I crawled out of bed. I check the time on my clock…it is 7:30am. 30 minutes has past. But, it was a good passage of time. It seems only appropriate that there needs to be a moral to this story. Maybe, if we can just stop and focus on what’s going on around us, we will be better for it at the end of the day.

I think my cat is also noticing that the season is changing.  After being outside all summer, it is time now for her to come inside. She is meowing at the back door.

James Thomas Smith

Member Professional Writer’s Alliance


About James Thomas Smith

West Virginia has been my home except for a couple of years living in California and Nevada. Family, camping, hiking, photography, treasure hunting, and writing are the things I like to do the most. The things I love and value more than anything is family. Member of Professional Writer's Alliance
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