Why You Need E-Newsletters


When To Publish Your E-Newsletter

·       Anything less than monthly is problematic. The problem is with so much noise out there and so many people creating content on a daily basis, anything less than 12 times a year equals “invisible.”

·       It’s like exercising once a year — it’s really no better than not doing it at all.

·       You want to be positioned as a useful, vital resource for readers. The top of mindedness that comes with regular publishing is what will make the phone ring for you with new business.

·        Publish (at least) monthly.

·       Publish during quiet times. Late mornings are the best times,  because your customers will be sorting through all those emails in the early morning that were sent the night before.

My experience includes:

  • Published in Lefthander Magazine
  • Published in Ezine online magazine
  • 12 years copywriting for radio and television
  • Studies with American Writer’s and Artists, Inc.
  • Member of Professional Writer’s Alliance
  •  Contact me for the success of your next E-Newsletter

About James Thomas Smith

West Virginia has been my home except for a couple of years living in California and Nevada. Family, camping, hiking, photography, treasure hunting, and writing are the things I like to do the most. The things I love and value more than anything is family. Member of Professional Writer's Alliance
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